Nicole Dinh is a part-time wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based out of Houston, Texas. She has a passion for discovering new places as well as taking photos of people. When she's not taking photos of people, you will find her exploring around the city, designing, or hanging out with her friends. Nicole is currently studying graphic design at the University of Houston.
Photography has always been one of her favorite hobbies, but she never actually had the time to take action. In the summer of 2016, Nicole decided to create further her brand and work harder to get her name out there. Photography has allowed her to be able to work with amazing individuals and numerous of companies. She believes that photos can say a lot about someone, and they are a great way to look back on memories of the past. It's also a special way for her to bond with clients and turn their images into something that they can cherish and provide meaning to. With that being said, her main goal is to capture the best images she can and provide you a pleasurable photography experience. Please do not be afraid and feel free to send her a message if you want to work together because she would absolutely love to photograph you!